This is Angela and I thought I would share a little bit about me and why I created the Maga Woman Project.

I am a women over 50.  I am a Mum of two teenage kids, I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a heap more labels.  I am also a qualified Naturopath and Certified LifeLine Technique Practitioner (lots of study and pieces of paper that say I can do something special).  Most importantly I am someone who wants to make a difference, to share some of the stuff that I have learnt with other women.

I know how difficult it can be being a woman who is transitioning through menopause.  For me the biggest shock was the feeling that I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I felt confused and lost for a long time.  When I spoke to other women I realised that I wasn’t alone feeling this way.

The Maga Woman Project was created initially for me to find a community of women to hang out with, but it is growing into so much more than that.

I suppose I had better explain what Maga means.  Maga is a Sicilian word that means Wise Woman or Magic Woman and I believe that the menopausal transition is the time to find our inner wisdom.

Fun stuff about me:

I love crime fiction, my favourite TV shows are Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds and Bones, my favourite singer is Alice Cooper and my favourite food is Ben & Jerry’s Funky Fudge Chocolate Ice Cream.  I don’t drink coffee but I am a tea addict.  I was a ballet dancer until I was 17 and I used to be a Lev 2 Women’s Gymnastics Coach.  I love spending time at the beach and I have a dog called Bear.

Official BIO:

I am a degree qualified Naturopath with 14 years experience running my own health clinics. I am also trained in NLP techniques and I am a Certified LifeLine Practitioner.  My book Secret Mums Business – Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams was published in April 2014 and was number one on Amazon in the “Health & Wellbeing” and “Small Business” Categories in July 2014.

I speak at different events throughout the year, spreading the message of living your best life to women all over the country.

I have been featured in several magazines and television programs including Prevention, Good Health, Channel 7’s The Morning Show and Channel 10’s The Project.  I am also a regular contributor to several blogs including CBA Women in Focus, Ruby Connection, She Business and more.  I have also appeared on 3AW, 2UE, 6PR, 2CC and Radio West.

In the past I have been twice nominated for Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year and was a Finalist in the Local Business of the Year Awards.  I was also a Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.