Tuning into Animal Magic

Author: Bianca de Reus

 Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the beautiful eyes of animals? What they must be thinking, and how they experience life?

I know that every animal has a story to tell, wanting to express how they feel, and share their wisdom with the world.

How do we know they can do this, and how can we hear them?

Luckily, many people are open to listening to animals and receiving the stories, knowledge, and wisdom that helps us humans, so we can learn, be inspired, and create a positive change in ourselves and in the world.

When I am out and about in nature and around animals, they often just start talking to me. It doesn’t matter whether I’m wandering amongst them or I see a picture in front of me; animals’ need to communicate with me is ever present.

Whether they have a specific message or just want a chat, I find that communicating with our animal friends is a fun, healing, loving, and therapeutic experience.

Over the years, I have learned that many people are curious about what their beloved animal is thinking. What goes on in their mind? Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, sheep, cows, lizards; all animals can communicate with us, and we with them.

We simply need to be quiet and listen.

Over the years I explored, about our connection with animals and I learned more about how I could hear the animals, I was amazed at how much I learned from them and how lovely and relaxing it could be to have a conversation with an animal.

Initially I practised only with my dogs, Rosie and Toby, discovering the differences in their energy, personalities, and how they communicate with me. For example, Toby is very relaxed and his energy reflects that. He is a sook, very dependent, and his energy is extremely mellow. Toby is also an old soul, and very wise.

Rosie, on the other hand, has a higher and more energetic vibration, and comes through with lots of excitement. She is more pedantic and not always willing to communicate. She will indicate to me if she is ready to talk. She is also a very independent dog and likes to do things her own way, yet on the other hand she is very supportive towards Toby and us.. In many ways, her personality mirrors mine.

I always speak with animals with gratitude and respect.

I talk to Rosie and Toby every day, whether out loud or in my mind. It is so much fun! It has also helped me to understand them much better. For example, Rosie tells me whether she is hungry or not and what she wants to eat. She also tells me what she wants to do; go to the park or just a walk around the block, chill and relax. Rosie is a wealth of wisdom, advice and support. Toby is my guardian, my gatekeeper.

Talking with animals is an intuitive process, and usually happens via telepathy. Of course they can hear our voice, but don’t necessarily understand our language. What’s important is what we project to them, including our energy.  That is how they understand what we are saying. They can send us a picture, a smell, a colour, or words via telepathy.  We receive this only when we are tuned in to them.

Animals live from their hearts. They are connected to spirit at a higher vibrational or energy level and give absolute and complete unconditional love. It gives us such a great feeling to see our own beloved animal approach us, wanting us to receive their love.

Whether animals have a specific message for us or just want to have a conversation, communicating with our animal friends is an enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

I’d love to share the experience I had with Audrey, the cat.

This beautiful cat formed part of a loving family. She was mature, and usually very friendly, yet kept to herself. She had her favourite spots around the house, and was living out her life in a gentle way.

However, one day this suddenly changed. Audrey became quite aggressive towards people, something she would otherwise never do. In particular, she showed aggression towards one member of the household. They couldn’t figure out what was going on with her, and asked me if I could help.

I connected with Audrey, and my, what a fussy eater she is! The main issue though, was that one particular family member  was drinking alcohol at night, and she didn’t relate to that very well. She didn’t feel that it was a good thing for that person to do, because it had a negative effect on him. Being aggressive was her way of letting him know “I don’t like what you are doing, you need to stop this.”

Sometimes I provide Reiki healing during an animal communication session. This form of energy healing helps the animal to calm down, reduces aches and pains, and can help to balance energy levels as well as reduce  inflammation. I also apply Reiki when I want to ‘see’ what the animal is sharing with me. I receive the images directly from the animal through the energy in my hands.

I provided some Reiki healing for Audrey during our session, and she loved it! Audrey became very mellow and her energy shifted from being angry, upset, and annoyed, to relaxed and comfortable. She even went outside and lay in front of the window in the sun. Apparently she hadn’t done that for a long time.

After we learned of Audrey’s reason for her behaviour, it was shared with the members of her family. She started to settle down after the person in question started to change his behaviour.

This story is one of the reasons I am so passionate about connecting with animals; we can help each other.

Animals are so wise and have many stories and much information to share, so it is important for me to share how you can connect and listen to them. Whether you have a pet in your family, you are a foster animal human guardian, have animals on your farm, or rescue animals from misery and abuse, everyone can learn this wonderful and important skill.

Be inspired

I’d love nothing more than you being inspired and encouraged to tap into soul to soul connecting with animals. I want you to be amazed by what the animals will share with you, and to have the capacity to do the best you can for animals who need you. I also want you to fully understand that animals are sentient, just like you and me. They are Soul Beings, living with genuine love, absolute passion, and a desire to serve the planet and all Beings on it.

My vision is to inspire people to create love, harmony, and joy around the world, so that humans and animals may live side by side with real love and respect.

My mission is to teach humans how to connect with animals by way of spiritual communication, inspired soul connection, mentoring, and energetic healing.

So let’s practise! Take a breath, and open up to the possibility that you too can talk with animals and understand them.

Here are a few simple steps you can take at home, and connect with your pet, soul to soul:

1 – Find yourself a quiet place at home, or outdoors. A place where you are free from interruptions. For example, you may have a quiet meditation corner in the house, or a favourite spot in a park or on the beach.

2 – Take a few deep breaths. Visualise green beautiful light surrounding your heart. Feel the warmth, the love. Sit with this for a few moments.

3 – Imagine sending the green light directly to your pet or any other animal you wish to talk with. The green light represents unconditional love, from your heart to the heart centre of the animal.

4 – Ask for permission to connect and have a conversation. Introduce yourself. Some people receive this permission by hearing the animal saying ”yes”, or the animal showing you a picture of love and approval, or by feeling an intense hug. It is different for everyone, and I invite you to take note of what it is for you.

5- Start by asking questions and patiently wait for the answer. The information will present itself through words, images or feelings, and will come in very quickly, so it’s important to record it and not analyse it! Allow the information to flow.

6 – Now that you have received the information, you THANK your pet for the connection and share how grateful you are for this.

Don’t worry if the connection didn’t happen immediately. Keep practising; you are learning this skill, so be patient with yourself.

Communicating soul to soul is extremely important for us humans to experience, so that we are in the best position to create love, harmony, joy and freedom around the world.

Over the years, I have spoken with birds, dogs, cats, goannas, horses, guinea pigs, cows, sheep, koalas, kangaroos, and certain insects.

I feel so honoured to be able to communicate with animals.  It feels great to hear the different voices and feel the different energies.

I am loving it, and I am sure you will too!!


Bianca De Reus

Bianca de Reus was born and raised in the small town of Heemskerk, in the Netherlands. She  found her way to Sydney, Australia in 1996, where shortly after she was approached by a wild  snake who told her what her life purpose was to be. Bianca is an inspiring and passionate Soul Being, who loves the connections between animals  and people, bringing them together with love, joy, and harmony.    She is a game changing animal communicator and soul connection mentor who works  outside the norm, and takes people to a higher energy when working with animals.     She helps conscious animals lovers to create harmony and love by connecting deeply with  their animal friends.

Bianca has recently published her book called Hello, Can You Hear Me? 

You can get your copy at https://www.biancadereus.com/book

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