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Who is the Maga Woman?

Written by Angela Counsel

Over the past few months I have found myself wondering where I fit in society.  I am a mid 50s, menopausal woman who still has children at school, I run a business and I certainly don’t think that I am ready for the retirement village yet.  But at my age I actually could move into a retirement village, I can get insurance through Aust. Pensioners Insurance and most corporate marketers would consider that my opinion doesn’t count because they direct their marketing to either women a 15 years younger or older than me.  After speaking to quite a few women who are of a similar age to me I realised that I was not alone feeling like this. There seems to be a segment of society who has been forgotten.

This sent me on a quest to find out more.

If we go way back to Greek mythology, there was a goddess known as the Triple Goddess (Persephone, Demeter and Hecate) which represented the stages of a woman’s life.  The 3 phases were – maiden, mother and crone.  The maiden phase was birth to menarche (first period), the mother phase was child birth until menopause and the crone was menopause until death.  It is important to remember that in the past women lived to an average age of 45 years, had their first child at 14 and was a grandmother at around 30 years.  When you understand this lifecycle you can understand why there were only 3 life phases.

Life has changed a lot since then.

Life has changed since our mother’s and grandmother’s generation.  Women today are having their children later in life and it is not unusual for a woman to be moving into menopause at the same time as her daughter is getting her first period, this can lead to ‘interesting’ times in the household. Women today are working and running businesses well past their 60s, in fact some of the most successful women in business, politics and the arts are over the age of 50. I knew there was another stage of life that hadn’t been a part of our history, there was a stage between mother and crone and I wanted to find out if anyone had defined this.

I did some research and I found the term Maga.

The Maga Woman is aged around 45 to 65 years and is in the menopausal stage of life but there is a lot more to the Maga Woman than just her age and hormones. Let me tell you who the Maga Woman is……

  • she is likely to be earning a living and has a lot to contribute to society
  • she isn’t wondering what she wants to do with her life anymore, she is doing it
  • she has a wealth of knowledge that she wants to share
  • she no longer needs other people’s acceptance of her ideas
  • she has a renewed vigour for learning
  • she tends to look inward for the answers rather than outwards
  • she prefers small intimate gatherings rather than large noisy events
  • she stands in her strength while staying in her heart
  • she often starts to de-clutter her life of things and people who don’t accept her
  • she is ready to re-birth herself

Some women struggle with this time of life and identify with the term “empty nester”, this can be a time of great grief as the Mother watches her child leave.  If a woman remains in the place of grief and feeling of emptiness she can move straight to becoming a premature crone and miss out on re-birthing herself as a Maga Woman.

I was so excited when I found the Maga Woman because this is exactly who I want to be, and it did explain a lot about the way I was feeling.  I wanted to share this knowledge about the Maga Woman with as many people as possible, so I created the Maga Woman Project.

The Maga Woman Project is about celebrating the wise women of our society.  It is about building a community of women who identify as Maga Women, and guiding those who are feeling a little lost to find the Maga Woman inside of themselves.

I am on a mission to make Maga Woman a common term that is used to describe women who are in the 45-65 year age bracket, women who are strong and have an abundance of wisdom to share with the world.

This article first appeared in the Maga Woman Magazine, a publication for women over 45. You can grab your free copy HERE

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