Episode #48 – Boost Your Immunity Naturally

In this episode of Wise Women Conversations I share with you how you can take control of your health and boost your immunity using food, sleep, exercise, fresh air and reducing stress. It all seems fairly straightforward so why do so many people get sick every year with a cold, flu or some other virus?
As I record this episode it is Easter weekend and most of the world is under stay at home orders to try to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Understanding that this instruction has been given to stop the spread of this virus, why are we not being told how to prevent catching this virus apart from staying away from others and washing our hands? I would think that educating people on how to strengthen their immune system would go a long way to stopping the spread of this virus or any other virus that might be going around.

So in this episode I share some ideas about food, sleep, stress and more. As well as explain why high levels of stress is the biggest threat to having a healthy immune system. In this episode I mention some previous podcasts – Stress #28, Personalised Health #30 and Sleep #35.

If you want to be a part of the Global Immune Protocol and Health @ Home Series you can register at https://angelacounsel.com/free-resources/

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