Episode #3 – Living Effortlessly

In this Wise Women Conversation Angela and Carren Smith discuss how to live life effortlessly. Carren Smith as a Bali Bomb survivor has known tragedy in her life, this led to years of depression as Carren tried to come to terms with being a survivor when her two best friends died. What happened that day in Bali changed Carren forever, she learnt what universal connection really meant. Carren has gone on to be Australia’s number 1 international Speaker as well as being a Spiritual Leader and Teacher. In this conversation we cover topics such as letting go and acceptance, ego vs essence and discovering who you are when you reach your mid-stage of life. This is an inspiring conversation with a very wise woman.

Let me know what you thought of this episode of the Wise Women Conversation in the comments below. We will continue the conversation with Carren over in the Maga Woman Project facebook group, you can request to join here

You can learn more about Carren via

Spirit Hive Website

Carren’s Website



To read Carren’s article published in the Maga Woman Magazine called “Who is in the Driver’s Seat” click here

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