Episode #67 – Changing your Fashion Style as you age

As we get older our fashion style can change due to a changing body shape, the differences in your skin and your (possible) change in hair colour. Just because everything is changing doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. This week I am chatting to Silvana Patrick who is a Personal Stylist about how we can maintain a sense of style as we age.

Silvana has a background in the fashion industry and spent some time working for Vogue New York. But with a sense of disillusionment she left and spent the next few years working in the corporate world. Luckily for the world Silvana realised that she could help women and men discover their personal sense of style.

As someone who thinks that I have no style whatsoever, I was pleased when Silvana shared that everyone has style whether they realised it or not. One of the key things that Silvana said that really resonated with me was that she helped women “fall in love with the mirror.” This was a big ahha for me as someone who has avoided looking in the mirror in the past because I didn’t like what I was seeing. I also experienced a lot of shame about my weight and bodyshape over the past few years when I put almost 15kgs as I moved through menopause. I have now lost 13kgs and am more comfortable looking in the mirror again, I am not quite at the falling in love stage yet but using some of the tips that Silvana shared I think that I will get there.

Regardless of whether you dress for how you feel (like me) or how you look, Silvana has some great advice to share in this conversation.

To learn more about the work that Silvana does and to get a 30 minute free consult you can visit her website – www.silvanapatrick.com (mention this podcast to get your free session). You will also find Silvana on facebook as Silvana Patrick.

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