Episode #55 – Cossie Confidence

Have you ever felt embarrassed to go to the beach in your swimsuit? Have you hidden your body underneath an oversized top? Then this episode of Wise Women Conversations is a must listen to for you. I am having a chat with Anita McLachlan from Sequins and Sand which is an online store that sells swimsuits (or cossies in Australia), leisurewear and travel wear.

As Anita was speaking to her customers when they were trying to find the best swimsuit for them she realised that many women simply didn’t feel confident being seen in their swimwear. She heard stories of women who were missing out on fun holidays with their family because they were embarrassed about the way that they looked. This led Anita to create a campaign called the Cossie Confidence Campaign which was designed to help women to feel confident in their swimsuit and to celebrate their body. This campaign not only allowed to hear the stories of these beautiful women it allowed the women to finally put themselves first and have some fun.

As you listen to this podcast you will hear the passion that Anita has for supporting women to be proud of their body and to enjoy their life. Anita continues to run the Cossie Confidence campaign and is currently planning this year’s campaign. If you are interested in being a part of this campaign pop over the Anita’s website -www.sequinsandsand.com.au and click on the button.

Anita also shared her vision for bringing several hundred women in their swimsuits together on to a beach and having a drone fly over and take photos of everyone celebrating. I for one am keen to see this happen and Anita and I spoke about how we could make this happen together, so watch this space.

You can find Anita on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sequinsandsand.com.au/ – and each week Anita brings speakers to do some facebook lives, so check out some of these videos over on facebook.

Anita is offering all listeners of the Wise Women Conversations Podcast a beautiful scarf with any purchase from her Clothing/Travelwear Section if you use the code ANGELACOUNSEL. This offer is only until June 30th 2020 and cannot be used with any other offer. Only 1 scarf per person.

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