Episode #73 Creating Calm with Horses

In this week’s episode of Wise Women Conversations I am chatting with Lynn Jenkin from Horsanity. Lynn has lived a varied life in many countries and had many different careers but the one constant in her life has been horses. Now Lynn combines her love of horses into her coaching business.

Lynn shares that the horses don’t do anything except “be” horses but it is within this beingness that we can learn to connect to ourselves and to the horses. We talk a lot about energy, the energy we give out and the energy that horses can give us. Lynn also shares some of the stories that she has seen played out when different people experience the energy of the horses.

This was a very calming conversation, Lynn has obviously learned how to use energy like a horse with all of her years living with them. Have a listen to the entire episode to learn about the role that horses can play in helping us re-write our stories and to connect with ourselves.

For more information about Lynn and her horses visit www.horsanity.com.au or follow her on facebook or instagram, she also has a facebook group called Horsanity Herd.

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