Episode #4 – Being a Warrior Woman

In this week’s Wise Women Conversation we speak to Fiona Van Lochem about being a Warrior Woman. Fiona is a Women’s Transformational Coach who works with women to find their inner Warrior Woman. In this conversation we identify who the warrior woman is and who you can tap into your inner warrior wisdom. We also discuss what happens for many women when they get to the crossroads in their lives. Maybe it’s time to let your inner child out to play, Fiona shares how you can do this and why it is important to have some fun in your life. Have a listen to the episode and let us know – are you a Warrior Woman?

To learn more about Fiona you can find her in the following places

Website – Butterfly Lane



You can also grab a free copy of Fiona’s ebook called Finding Strength in Yourself by clicking HERE

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