Episode #81 – Going AF with Mitlè Southey

When I first heard the term going AF, I wasn’t sure what it meant until I asked Mitlè Southey to explain it to me. In this episode of Wise Women Conversations we chat about being alcohol free (AF), I am not sure why we need another label but here we are. Mitlè shares her journey with alcohol and how she got to the stage where she considers herself to be AF.

I also don’t drink alcohol, I stopped drinking it 2 years ago because I was sick of being in constant pain. Once I stopped the small amount of alcohol that I was drinking all of my body and muscle pain went away. I don’t really miss the alcohol and I also don’t miss the constant chatter in my head about whether I will drink or not on a night out, Mitlè talks about this in our conversation.

Alcohol has serious impacts on our health and wellbeing, yet many women are reluctant to give it up. Society has taught us that we can turn to alcohol in the good times and the bad, in the happy times and the sad. Listen to this open conversation between Mitlè and me and make up you own mind about your relationship with alcohol.

To learn more about the work Mitlè does visit her website – mitlesouthey.com or follow her on instagram – @mitlesouthey. 

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