Episode #9 – Connection is Medicine

In this week’s Wise Women Conversations I catch up with Lisa Entwisle to talk all about connection. Lisa’s mantra is “connection is medicine” : connection to self, others and nature. It is only when we practice acceptance, gratitude, clear communication and humility can we truly live a wellthy life.

Our conversation takes down several different rabbit holes as we discuss the masks that women wear and the fear that some have when it comes to taking off their mask and connecting to their true self. We also talk about being clear about your values and making decisions based on your values. I hope that you enjoy this Wise Women Conversation.

A bit more about Lisa – she helps open-minded, big hearted people CONNECT to themselves, others and the world around them. In turn they develop more confidence, clarity and overall wellbeing to pursue their passion and achieve their lifestyle goals in a way that’s unique to their own personality and style.

She is very passionate about women feeling safe to show up and speak their truth and feel comfortable to embrace their unique self.

Lisa is running a retreat in March (9th-16th, 2019) called Pause in Phuket. If you are interested in learning more about Lisa’s retreat click HERE.

If you would like to know more about the work that Lisa does you can contact here HERE

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