Episode #47 – Messages from your Body

In this week’s episode of Wise Women Conversations I am have a chat with Melissa Turnock who shares her journey from being a child who was afraid to speak out. To a woman who had breast cancer and now is a strong woman who teaches others how to truly embody their body, their emotions and their life. Melissa shares how she believes that her cancer journey was a message from her body to stop, to listen and to heal the wounds of her childhood. The lessons that Melissa learnt allows her to truly hold space for other women who have traumas to heal.

Melissa uses a technique called TRE which is a emotional release from the body. She shows women how to access their body wisdom, to release any self-imposed limitations and helps them choose a new path. This conversation takes many twists and turns and I truly loved the wisdom that Melissa shared.

To learn more about Melissa you can visit her website www.melissaturnock.com where you can access a free Heart Centre Activation & Embodiment Journey. Melissa is also on Instagram – @melissa_bodywisdom and Facebook – @melissabodywisdom.

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