Episode #13 – Dance Yourself Awake

In this week’s Wise Women Conversations I chat with Natalie Southgate who is the creator of Chakradance a fantastic dance technique that can help you connect to your body and heal yourself. Natalie shares how she created Chakradance 20 years ago and how it helped her to heal and to completely change her life. Natalie has so much wisdom to share as she guides us through each chakra. You can hear the beautiful energy in her voice as she steps through each different chakra and explains the different music, tone and tempo that is used. I hope that you truly enjoy this conversation with Natalie.

More about Natalie

Natalie Southgate is the creator of Chakradance. She conceived of it and created it when living in London in 1998, and has been refining and growing it ever since. She is passionate about how dance, music, mandalas and the chakras can help people discover a deeper connection to their true selves, helping them find happier, more balanced lives.

As well as leading Chakradance, Natalie is a trained healer and Jungian psychotherapist, author, co-creator of Inamojo (Chakradance for children) and mother to two beautiful souls. She has run workshops at Deepak Chopra’s Center in California, led thousands through Chakradance at Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive courses, and runs regular workshops across the world.

For more information visit

Chakradance website

Chakradance Facebook page

To get your copy of Natalie’s book click here

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