Episode #45 – An Open and Honest Conversation

In this week’s episode of Wise Women Conversation I share my personal emotions that are coming up with everything that is happening in the world at the moment. As the world seems to have gone a bit crazy I have started to feel fear, anxiety and panic. Whilst on a conscious level I know that everything will be okay, at the moment my sub-conscious appears to be in control. I have been journalling on this over the past couple of days.

I share the process that I went through this morning to meet the fear and anxiety and then make a different conscious choice about how I wanted to feel. Now, more than ever, we need individuals who are prepared to show their community how to live without fear. Change starts with you. Once you address your fear, anxiety or whatever emotions are coming up for you at the moment, you will allow others to address their emotions as well.

If you would like to go through a deeper process than I describe in this episode I will be running a free Community Healing Circle on Wednesday 25th March at 8pm (Sydney time) in the Thrive in Menopause facebook group. Please join us so that we can shift the current energy state in the world.

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