Episode # 59 – Overcoming Childhood Trauma

In this episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Beverley Webb from Step Forward Coaching. Beverley had a really tough childhood but she managed to survive and eventually become a very successful business woman. But Beverley hadn’t left the trauma of her childhood behind her, it started to show up in her health and also her relationship with her children.

After losing everything, including her health, Beverley saw this as the chance to remove the masks that she had been hiding behind and find her voice.

Once Beverley healed the trauma of her childhood she knew that she had to help others find their voice as well. As a constant high achiever managed to retrain as a coach in a short time frame so that she could start helping others as soon as she could.

Beverley that silence makes the guilt and shame worse, this is why she believes it is her legacy is to use her voice to hep others and she does this every single day with her words and her actions. This was a truly inspiring conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed.

To learn more about the work that Beverley does you can visit her website – www.stepforwardcoaching.online, her instagram is @stepforward_tohaveavoice and her facebook is @beverleywebb

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