Episode #43 – Power of the Pause

This week’s episode of Wise Women Conversations is another solo episode from Angela where she discusses the power of taking a pause. With everyone living very busy lives we often forget to stop and slow down. Business is often worn with pride like a badge of honour and we can think if we are not busy all of the time that we are not being successful at life. A few years ago stress was the badge of honour until we realised that long term stress was impacting our health and well-being.

We don’t need to add more to our already busy schedules, in fact most of us could benefit from doing less. Angela invites you to make a list of everything that you do and then consider why you are doing the things you are doing. Do they bring you joy or are you doing them because you think you should or have to? Start getting rid of the should and have to items and enjoy some free time doing nothing.

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Share in the comments how you can become less busy in your life.

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