Episode #32 – Release and Let Go

As I record this podcast it is Dec 12th 2019 and we will be experiencing the final full moon for the year and for the decade. As the full moon is a time when I reflect on what has happened sine the last full moon I decided it was time to reflect on the year that was 2019 and the past decade. I invite you to join me in this reflection. In this episode I share with you some journalling prompts which will help you to reflect on the highs, the challenges and the lessons that 2019 had for you. At the end of your reflection I share a closing out paragraph that you can write to close the year and decade with love and gratitude.

It will take you time to complete this reflection exercise so if you are listening to this podcast in the car or on your walk (like I do) then I invite you to come back to it when you have some time to write down what 2019 gave you.

I will be back on a future episode to share a visualisation meditation to help you to create the next decade of your dreams.

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