Episode #61 – Saving Children

This episode of Wise Women Conversations Podcast is a little different from normal. The first difference is that I have a Wise Man on the podcast rather than a Wise Woman. The second difference is the topic – saving children from sex trafficking. I wish that I didn’t have to have this conversation with Marc but the work that Marc does with Destiny Rescue is real and it is needed.

Destiny Rescue is a Not-for-Profit organisation started in Australia over 18 years ago, and is dedicated to fighting the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children in seven nations. Their highly trained agents run covert and raid rescue operations, day and night to locate and rescue children being used and abused.

With the ongoing support of generous donors, Destiny Rescue has successfully liberated over 5,200 individual victims of human trafficking. They have been instrumental in the closing of many bars, clubs and brothels known to be targeting children for sex work, and have seen numerous perpetrators prosecuted.

Their tireless work has also helped keep hundreds more young ones from entering the sex trade through various local community prevention programs and delivered justice and care for those who have been rescued.

I didn’t say much in this episode because I felt that I needed to be quiet and let Marc share the story of these children. By the end of the episode I was in tears. If there is anything that you can do to assist please visit www.destinyrescue.org and either give a one time gift or help to rescue a child.

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