Episode #39 – Sex & Sensuality after 40

In this episode of Wise Women Conversations I have a chat with Taryn Harvey who is a Tantra Intimacy Coach. We cover so much in this conversation and I think it is a very important conversation that needs to be had more often. Taryn shares how she went from being a pharmaceutical rep who sold Viagra to being a Tantra Coach who teaches men and women how to re-connect to their sensuality. Other topics of the conversation were:
  • the difference between sex and intimacy
  • the role of self-love in healthy relationships
  • the definition of what Tantra is and what it isn’t
  • how tantra is about bringing our body into alignment through our masculine side (what we do) and into our feminine side by bringing us into balance and embodiment
  • tantra combines different aspects of the elements – air, earth, fire, water and space – as well as the 7 chakras
  • how to reclaim your sexuality and sensuality
  • the common problem that women have with a loss of connection to their pleasure body particularly after they have children
Taryn also shares her 3 tips to re-connect to our sensual energy and they are very easy to do.

To learn more about the work that Taryn does you can visit her website – www.tarynharvey.com or follow her on facebook and instagram.

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