Episode #53 – Unravelling Your Stories

In this week’s episode with Sandy McDonald we talk about the stories of hope, inspiration and connection that we all have. Sandy shares her story from almost bankrupt to creating a world wide movement that has helped 10s of thousands of children in Sth Africa. When Sandy started knitting squares for her Aunt in Sth Africa she never realised the difference she would make and the stories that she would become a custodian of. The international charity that Sandy started continues today without Sandy at the helm but in the very capable hands of a community of knitters around the world.

Sandy took her experience and decided to re-write her own story to become the wise woman that she is today. In this conversation Sandy shares:

  • why it is important not to define yourself by a label (job title, mother, wife, daughter etc) rather to see these as experiences, as part of your body of knowledge
  • how writing your story is a way of unpacking the value that you bring to the world

Her most important message was that your stories don’t define your value, you don’t need validation from others because your experience is your value.

In 2014 Sandy presented at TedX Melbourne where she shared her story, if you would like to watch the video click HERE

You can learn more about the work that Sandy does via her website – http://sandymcdonald.com/

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