Episode #75 – Stepping into Midlife

In this week’s episode of Wise Women Conversations I am honoured to welcome Deb Johnstone as my guest. A few weeks ago shared an interview that I did with Deb for her Re-Inventing Midlife Summit so I thought it was time for me to have her as a guest to share her wisdom.
As a Life Coach who works with women as they reach their midlife, Deb has a lot of wisdom to share. Deb helps women who are feeling lost and confused to get clarity and confidence to step into the next phase of their life. She also shares the importance of feeling the emotions that might come up for you rather than trying to bury them.

Deb is running a second free Re-Inventing Midlife Summit in early November, if you want to be a part of this fantastic event you can register at www.womenreinventingmidlife.com/summit2

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