Episode #68 – Menopause is not to blame

This episode of Wise Women Conversations is another solo one from me and it is a bit of a rant. I am not sorry that I recorded this episode because I think that we need to shift our thinking around menopause but I do apologise to anyone who might be offended by what I have to say, it is never my intention to upset or harm anyone with my thoughts.

I am sick of hearing the phrase “menopause sucks”, then followed by a litany of symptoms that someone might be experiencing. There also seems to be many symptoms that are being blamed on menopause when there are many different causes. In fact menopause doesn’t CAUSE any symptoms but it might TRIGGER symptoms to occur, if there is something underlying that is not supporting your health and wellbeing.

Women who are alive today are privileged to be spending so much of their life in menopause, because if we go back a couple of generations women simply learnt living long enough to spend much time in menopause.

The female body was designed to reproduce, that is it’s role in nature and when they are no longer of reproductive age their value in nature declines. Of course we live in a modern society and women definitely have a societal and personal value once they stop menstruating but our body starts to breakdown and needs more care to recover and regenerate. This means that we, as women, need to change the way that we see our body and how we treat it.

The main message of this episode is that menopause is not the end, it does not need not be a struggle. Menopause is the beginning of the next stage of your life, which hopefully will last for 45+ years. You have the opportunity to create the life that you want in the future. You have the opportunity to do the things you have always wanted to do. You have the opportunity to be the woman you have always wanted to be.

To create what you want will require you to change.
To change the food that you eat
To change the way you move your body
To change the amount of toxins you are exposed to
To change the amount of stress that you live with
To change the way that you think about menopause and ageing.
Are you ready to change?

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