Episode #49 – Who are we really?

In this episode I chat to Barbara Brangan all about Human Design. In fact Barbara goes through my Human Design report in detailed. When we recorded this I didn’t really have any idea about my Human Design Profile apart from the fact that I was a Projector. You will not only learn a lot about Human Design in this episode you will also learn a lot about me.

Aligning with your Human Design is akin to a key that unlocks your self-sabotage and allows you to truly step into fully expressing your Soul’s gifts, in life, and in business. Whilst it is relatively new, it is in fact a powerful combination of 7 ancient systems to help you know and trust yourself more. In this conversation, Barbara demystifies what can sometimes be a confusing system, and uses Human Design, as a guide to explain the layers. She describes it as being like the Russian Babuska dolls, you unpack each layer to find the hidden treasures inside of you.

If you would like to get your own free personalised Human Design Profile click HERE to visit Barb’s website.

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