Episode #69 – Women re-Inventing Midlife

Recently I was a guest on the Women Re-Inventing Midlife Summit with Deb Johnstone and Deb gave me permission to share the interview on this podcast. Deb and I chat about the changes that happen to women as they come to mid-life and how important it is to look after your body at this time of life.

I believe that if you can reduce your physical symptoms then this reduces your emotional stress and you can look at the world through a brighter lens. It is really difficult to have a positive outlook on life when you are in constant pain, or your body breaks out in a complete sweat every 30 minutes.

This is why I help focus women on addressing their physical health first and when they feel better they naturally make better decisions for themselves.

Deb is a Life and Career Coach and you can learn more about the work that she does at her website – https://www.debjohnstone.com.au/

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